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Watervliet Innovation Center

The Center for Economic Growth

Founded by the Center for Economic Growth (CEG), the Watervliet Innovation Center is a state-of-the-art technology and business accelerator focused on the rapid growth of emerging homeland and national security technology companies.  In support of this mission, the Center is within the Watervliet Arsenal campus, co-located with the US Army”s Benét Labs and an Army Material Command (AMC) manufacturing center.
It provides a “demand-pull infrastructure,” where client companies, both resident and affiliate, gain visibility into the technology needs of the industry through a national network of academic, industrial, and government stakeholders.  The Center helps companies strategically align technology development efforts with the needs of their security and defense customers, enhancing opportunities for joint venturing, financing, and market acceptance.

Project Need(s)
The CEG recognized a lack of physical space, but more importantly programmatic resources, to enable early stage emerging technology companies to launch, profitable, sustainable companies in the homeland and national security sectors. By supporting innovative technology companies, CEG recognized opportunities to create innovation based jobs here locally while serving the country’s homeland defense and national security interests.

Project Solution
The Watervliet Innovation Center program is designed to provide affordable support to growth-oriented technology companies serving the homeland security market.  We offer a solid foundation of business, technology and market-specific support to serve the common needs across all of our client companies.  In addition, we offer customized services to meet the unique needs of each company.  We provide these services to technology ventures throughout the Capital Region and across New York State.  There is no requirement to physically reside at the Innovation Center in order to access the benefits of the program.