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Ultra Dairy, LLC

Onondaga County Office of Economic Development

Ultra Dairy, LLC, operates an Extended Shelf Life dairy processing and packaging facility in the Town of Dewitt. The facility has the capacity to process approximately 3,200 gallons per hour and package processed dairy products in gallon, half gallon and individual creamer packaging.
Project Need(s)
In 2008, Ultra Dairy, LLC needed to expand its facilities to accommodate new equipment, as well as additional facilities to hold and store raw milk product.
Project Solution
The Company constructed a 55,000 square foot expansion to the existing 40,000 square foot facility. The expansion accommodates the new processing equipment, which allows the company to process 5,000 additional gallons of dairy products per hour. In addition, a new facility was constructed to hold and store the raw product. The expansion and construction of new facilities cost approximately $10 million. OCIDA provided sales and use tax exemption, mortgage recording tax reduction, as well as a payment-in-lieu of tax agreement.