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Silverstein Properties

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority

Silverstein Properties sought to set standards in safety and green design for the rebuilt 7 World Trade Center. 7 World Trade Center takes advantage of many green technologies to become the first LEED Gold office tower in New York City. Silverstein Properties worked with the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority's (NYSERDA) New Construction Program.

Project Need(s)
High energy prices raise operating costs for New York”s businesses. Large office buildings, such as 7 World Trade Center, can present challenges to a designer looking for cost-effective methods for heating and cooling. The addition of efficient systems and equipment can reduce a buildings monthly energy bills but will often raise the upfront cost of the project.

Project Solution
7 World Trade Center received a NYSERDA incentive of $400,000, in addition to a bonus of $35,611 for achieving a LEED rating. This results in a total incentive of $435,611. This incentive helped to defray a portion of the implementation cost of these measures, and its results are:
Annual energy savings of 1,324,232 kWh
Peak demand savings of 1,847 kWin in the summer and 161 kWin in the winter
Annual cost savings of $436,403
1.1 year simple payback on the owner’s investment after NYSERDA”s incentive