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Remington-Rand Complex

Lumber City Development Corporation

The Remington-Rand Complex is located on a 167,000 square foot site along the shores of the Erie Canal in North Tonawanda, New York. The site, a former brownfield, was once home to a trolley building, automobile engine factory and typewriter factory. Since the 1970s, the site has remained an underutilized eyesore within the community. This site was a highlight of the 2005-2006 “Downtown Redevelopment Plan” and gained interest by The Kissling Interests in 2006 to develop the property into a mixed-use commercial/residential complex.

Project Need:
This dilapidated complex was a roadblock to future development and was not conducive to the creation of an active, vibrant waterfront. In addition, various studies have highlighted the need for downtown housing in North Tonawanda.

Project Solution:
After intense brownfield remediation, meeting historic preservation requirements, and overcoming local skepticism this 25 million dollar project reached fruition in 2011, with the aid of over 6.5 million dollars in public incentives including assistance from Lumber City Development Corporation, historic and brownfield tax credits, a payment in lieu of taxes program, and “Restore NY” funds. Today the site is home to 81 work/live “Soho-Style” lofts, and 3 thriving anchor tenants supporting over 100 local jobs. Most importantly, this project has injected vitality, energy, and investment into North Tonawanda’s downtown and waterfront.