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REM-tronics Inc.

County of Chautauqua IDA (CCIDA)

In 2006, REM-tronics Inc. began discussions with the County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency (CCIDA) regarding construction of a new facility to update their image for the aerospace, space, medical, and military industries, while enhancing their manufacturing capacity of their electronic components and assemblies

Project Need(s)
REM-tronics decided not to build, but instead set out to find a suitable building to remodel that had room for expansion. Their first preference was to stay in the northern part of Chautauqua County, but they could easily have moved to the Cleveland, OH, area where their corporate owners reside and own suitable manufacturing facilities.
Project Solution
The CCIDA worked extensively with the WNY Regional office of Empire State Development (ESD) to coordinate a package of incentives to keep the business in Chautauqua County. ESD allowed the new REM-tronics property to be included in an Empire Zone garnering multiple incentives, while offering an Economic Development Grant. The CCIDA made low interest loans and abated sales tax on construction materials used in the extensive building remodeling. This was a coordinated effort amongst ESD, CCIDA, and the Department of Development of the City of Dunkirk. The Village of Silver Creek, where their original facility was housed, cooperated by approving a (shift resolution) to allow the incentive packages for their move 12 miles away to the City of Dunkirk. Their employment has grown from 55 to over 70 since the move has occurred.