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Plastisol Composites

Tompkins County Area Development, Inc.

Plastisol-Composites is the American subsidiary of Plastisol BV, the Dutch world market leader in composite bodies for fire fighting and other resue verhicles. Plastisol-Composites was founded in 2006 in Groton, New York, and is exploring further the American market, building on more than 30 years of experience and knowledge by Plastisol BV.
The Groton-based plant manufactures composite firetruck bodies.
Project Need(s)

To create a high tech manufacturing facility in Groton, NY that would allow this partnership between the Saulsbuty family and their decades of firetruck manufacturing in the US and the Dutch firm Plastisol, with their high tech composite truck bodies.
In addition, this project has created new manufacturing jobs in rural Groton New York.
Project Solution

By working with Alan Saulsbury, the First National Bank of Groton and the IDA, TCAD was able to assist Platisol Composites to become the first tenant in the Groton Business Park. The building was almost entirely constructed with local labor.