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Manhattanville College

Project name: School of Nursing & Health Sciences - Clinical Learning Laboratory 

Project location: Manhattanville College, Harrison, New York

Project Cost: $300,497

Jobs Created/Jobs retained: 35 jobs created

Economic Impact: This project will create jobs, meet a workforce shortage, and train workers for high-paying jobs.

Organizations involved in project: Manhattanville College

The School of Nursing & Health Sciences - Clinical Learning Laboratory will allow student nurses to be educated and trained prior to entering the workforce in state-of-the-art clinical learning labs. Activities will include conducting patient assessments, monitoring physiologic parameters such as vital signs, heart sounds, breath sounds, and symptoms, performing nursing interventions (i.e. dealing with patients who refuse to take medications), obtaining and carrying out physicians’ orders, administering medications, evaluating patient responses, and making beds. Working with the patient simulators (male, female and infant), students will visualize physiological responses that may be difficult to understand simply through class lectures or readings. Students will develop and refine their critical thinking and clinical decision-making skills as they apply previous knowledge in simulated patient situations. Faculty will design clinical scenarios to meet specific course objectives and in accordance with the learning needs of the students. By incorporating Clinical Learning Laboratory training into the coursework, Manhattanville College will create a pipeline of new, highly qualified nurses to fill the severe nursing shortage that exists in New York State. On average, 250 students will train annually in the Clinical Learning Laboratory, and 160 students each year will graduate and enter the nursing workforce.