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GLOBALFOUNDRIES is a $4.6 Billion dollar leading-edge semiconductor manufacturing facility located at the Luther Forest Technology Campus in Saratoga County, NY. This project represents the largest industrial investment in New York State.Construction of the facility required approximately 6 million man hours, 1,800 construction workers on site with approximately 2,800 additional jobs supporting construction for a total of 4,600 jobs created. The project will create approx 1,655 new direct semiconductor manufacturing jobs once full scale production is achieved, with an estimated annual payroll of approximately $90 million. The project is expected to create an additional 5,000 indirect jobs in the region with a sustained estimated total payroll for both direct and indirect jobs of $290 million dollars per year.

Project Need(s)
Challenge: Revitalize Upstate NY and go beyond the traditional manufacturing base by identifying leading edge high tech industries that would transform and drive the economic resurgence for our region. Studies performed identified 5 key industries as viable targets for next generation opportunities for Upstate NY based upon existing infrastructure and asset base: advanced materials, clean energy, nanotechnology/semiconductors, information technology and biotechnology/life sciences.Nanotechnology was selected as initial focus area based on IBM’s historical corporate presence in New York and their need for a world class research partner and our existing asset base. The increasing importance of proximity to research for manufacturing was a key factor in our region’s pursuit of a semiconductor fab in addition to leading edge research components.

Project Solution
To attract a semiconductor wafer fabrication facility, the region needed to provide a site in Upstate NY that was competitive with other locations nationally and globally in terms of shovel readiness, incentives, available workforce and proximity to research and development.Upstate NY created a proactive, robust and collaborative marketing and outreach campaign to communicate a compelling message to the industry that New York, particularly Upstate, had emerged as one of the nanotech/semiconductor centers of the world, and is an excellent place for business to locate, expand, and invest. Tools in this comprehensive marketing effort included collaboration with regional, state and economic development partners and National Grid on targeted sales calls, site preparation, industry events, public relations and general business marketing.