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Executive AirShare

Buffalo Niagara Enterprise

Based in Kansas City, Missouri, Executive AirShare, the world’s leading operator of Embraer Phenom jet aircraft, launched its unique regional fractional aircraft ownership program in 2001, with pilots and aircraft based in the same cities as their owners. Shareowners fly in their own aircraft the majority of the time, with aircraft available on a per-day basis, ensuring a service that most closely replicates that of full ownership at a fraction of the cost and without the management responsibilities.The company wanted to expand into the northeast and east coast markets, and do so in a location that was cost effective and would enable them to retain executive level management and recruit new employees.

Project Need(s)
The company was seeking a low cost operating environment from which it could access and service the northeast, eastern seaboard and Canadian markets. This required securing a minimum of 26,000 square feet of functional hangar space. Once secured, Executive Airshare also needed marketing & public relations assistance to help introduce themselves into their new markets.

Project Solution
Buffalo Niagara Enterprise facilitated contacts with Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority officials that prompted lease negotiations for a site located at 485 Cayuga Road in the Town of Cheektowaga on Buffalo Niagara International Airport property. After several months of negotiations, the company signed a long term lease with the NFTA in October 2010 for 27,000 square feet of hangar space and 4,400 square feet of office space. Executive will be investing approximately $9 million and creating 13 new, good paying, full time jobs here in the region.On behalf of the company, BNE staff also coordinated a press conference announcing the company’s arrival to the region, and a grand opening reception at Executive Airshare’s new hangar that included vintage aircraft manufactured in the Buffalo Niagara region. Invitees to the grand opening reception comprised a who’s who of the regions private sector leaders representing globally and nationally headquartered companies here in the region. Both events gave the company the kind of media exposure and introduction to the corporate community that they were looking for.