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Eagle Mountain Center for Green Technology

Ontario County Office of Economic Development/Industrial Development Agency

Eagle Mountain has nearly 30 years of experience integrating alternative energy sources into houses and small commercial buildings. Its line of engineered green heating, cooling and hot water solutions offer environmentally sound, cost-efficient, affordable alternatives to conventional HVAC techniques.The company constructed a 20,000-square-foot Center for Green Technology facility on 100 acres in Bristol Valley, in Bristol, NY, across the street from Eagle Mountain’s headquarters. The energy-efficient, energy-generating facility will use 65 percent less energy than a traditional building of its size.Eagle Mountain plans to add 15 employees to its current workforce of 20. Some workers will stay in the original building, running a separate business that installs Eagle Mountain’s energy systems. The design and manufacture of these systems will move into the new building. Plus, there is room to expand—including classrooms the company will use to educate the public on what it means to be energy efficient.

Project Need(s)
Incentives included:
No sales tax on construction materials or equipment
No property tax on the new building for the first five years
Partial property tax reductions for the next four years
No mortgage recording tax
4-point interest rate reduction through a state program for 10 years

Project Solution
The Ontario County IDA provided consultative support and a payment in lieu of tax agreement. Ontario County’s Revolving Loan Fund provided low-cost financing assistance as part of its incentive package to help Eagle Mountain build and equip its new facility.Overall, the project retained 20 jobs, will create 15 jobs in three years, and resulted in a $1.6 million investment in Ontario County.