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Arizona Ice Tea Company

Nassau County Industrial Development Agency

Arizona Ice Tea is a well-known beverage distribution company with annual sales of approximately $600 million. At the time the company approached the IDA for assistance it had out-grown its national headquarters in Lake Success, Nassau County and was seriously considering moving to New Jersey to be near one of its large manufacturing plants. Nassau County did not want to lose the current 120 jobs so the IDA convinced the company to consider building its headquarters on 3 acres of vacant land in Woodbury, Nassau County.

Project Need(s)
The company was considering moving its headquarters to New Jersey where it had a large manufacturing plant. Taking into account the real estate taxes and construction costs, it would be considerably less expensive for the company to build its headquarters in New Jersey. This combined with the fact that it would be convenient for the company to move its headquarters to be closer to it manufacturing plant, Nassau County was at serious risk of losing this important company and over 100 jobs.

Project Solution
The Nassau County IDA was able to offer enough incentives to retain Arizona Ice Tea in Nassau County. The IDA negotiated a PILOT and offered sales tax and mortgage recording tax exemptions.